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Featherston Drive Letters of Positivity to Seniors in Long-term Care Homes




We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

I have an orange goldfish. The type of it is a common goldfish. It swims a lot with its friends. It lives in a fish tank with a lighthouse and a submarine.

I hope you are doing well.





We are thinking of you and notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They are the ones who deserve special places in your beautiful heart.

Nice day?

Can I have one?

Just what is a nice day?

I would like to have one, but how?

Your answer?
Me thinks…

A nice day is a delightful day

Filled with positive thoughts

And some good deeds.



No place is boring

If you’ve had a good night sleep

And have a pocket

Full of unexpected film!


Something that I have baked that was interesting and very easy for me is called crème caramel. I will show you a picture so you can know what it is.

We make these a lot especially on Ramadan. Ramadan is a month where Muslims fast, which means we don’t eat until the sun goes down. For 30 days. It can be hard sometimes because the time gets even longer. But this year, I like the time and it is easy to fast. Even my little brother wanted to try to fast, and he made it! He was not even hungry or thirsty! Because in Ramadan you are not allowed to eat or drink anything. We fast because it is our religion, and we need to feel how others in hunger or poverty feel, and it is actually healthy for our bodies.

During the 30 days of Ramadan, we have Eid for one day. Eid is something also Muslims celebrate, and, yes, you can eat and drink and do not need to fast anymore. We go and visit family members and get money from our grandparents! Yay! We go shopping and buy new pretty clothes and have so much fun! In Ramadan, if you break your fast you have to repeat the days that you broke your fasts in and repeat it and time before Ramadan again next year.

My siblings and I are always thinking positive and say, “We will do good; we can do this” if there’s anything hard in school or in our lives. Maybe you should try it too!

I want to tell you something very, very interesting about my mom that my family loves about her! My mom is SO good at cooking. Not only cooking normally but like even chocolate and candy like for example Ferrero chocolate – she can make that. And she can make marshmallows, all kinds of cakes, and she also makes some kind of breads on her own!! It is so amazing!

I want to tell you that I am gluten-free, which means I cannot eat anything that has wheat, not even bread or cakes, but luckily you can go to the store and buy gluten-free stuff. But for me, I do not need to do that anymore! You will be asking why, and I will tell you. My mom. My mom can also make A LOT of gluten-free foods for me just with the gluten-free wheat. Whatever she makes for my siblings that are not gluten-free, she makes for me in gluten-free! My mom is the best!

Is there anything happening in your lives that you would like to share! I would love to hear!!


Malak M.


We are always thinking of you and sending positivity!

While being at home I learned patience, and how to be patient to not go out and stay at home.

There is another thing – I’m sterilizing the surfaces every day and vacuuming the floors everyday so the virus dies from the moment it arrives.

Here is a joke that I think you will like:

What do you call a fake noodle?

Impasta. Hahaha.






Hello there,

This letter is being sent with positivity! Remember to always look on the bright side of things!

Like I’ve been keeping busy by baking lots of things, and for Mother’s Day, I made sugar cookies because they are my favourite! What’s your favourite treat? I also love brownies.

I adore my pet guinea pig. She’s just so cute! She loves when I give her favourite treats to her – which are also cookies. But, of course, not human cookies; she has her own guinea pig cookies!! I tried looking at the ingredients so that I could taste it… but I decided to stick to my own cookies.

I also have 1 finch bird and 2 budgie/parakeets. One parakeet is blue and the other is green; the finch is a kind of sandy color. I have 8 pigeons (one of them looks like a cow!) and 1 massive rooster. The rooster gives me a headache sometimes, but what am I supposed to do about it? He’s adorable!! And apparently, my rooster loves eating my peanut butter cookies! That’s what makes my rooster a rooster. Honestly, he’ll eat anything I give him for some reason.

Always remember to KEEP SMILING!! 🙂






We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

I made cornbread for my family which tasted really good.

I also have 3 dogs, their names are Cali, Walnut, & Milka. I love them so much!

I learned how to do poems, write stories, & how to do cool stuff on Google Docs!

Roses are red, violets are blue. I hope the world gets better, & so do you!

Where do polar bears keep their money?

In a snowbank!


Once upon a time, I was having fun at school with my friends, when all of a sudden, we got a message in Gmail from OCDSB saying:

OCDSB schools will be closed until at least April 3rd, but when COVID-19 worsened, we had to stay home and isolate for longer.






We are thinking of you and sending positivity.

I have baked multiple kinds of cakes and cupcakes such as chocolate, regular, vanilla and strawberry flavored cakes.

I have one pet cat but it had six kittens.

While I was home, I learned how to attend a Google meeting, which is an online class with this app.

Once me and my younger brother were trying to scare each other. So, I snuck up on my brother and yelled boo very loud. He was so scared, he screeched loud as he could and fell to the floor. Even though he was on the floor he kept laughing because it was hilarious.






We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

I’ve cooked macaroni, bread and cakes.

My dogs learned a lot while being at home.

Still seeing my family.


Here’s a joke for you: Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?

He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them!





Hi Elders,

Some interesting food that I have made is samosa.

I’m busy doing my work and playing, taking fresh air outside. How about you?

Want to hear a joke? Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?”

Because every play has a cast!

Funny isn’t it?


I like a band they are called BTS. They are from South Korea.

Do you like a band?

Bye for now,






I hope you’re having an EXTRA, EXTRAORDINARY day while reading this! I know this is really hard for all of us but a little enlightenment wouldn’t be so bad. It’s really boring for me too!

Oh yeah, my name is Mariam and I have three siblings. My little brother being the most annoying of course! We have fun together, but end up arguing.

I’m not much of a baker, but I have been baking! So, I saw this recipe and it was trending and I thought to myself, this looks easy. Why don’t I try it!?

The recipe was: 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 egg and a half cup of chocolate chips. So, I went on with making it, and obviously my little brother and I made a HUGE mess! But actually, it came out sooooo good! Can you believe it!? I would recommend it 100%!

My family and I are Muslim so it’s kinda hard in the days because we have to fast during the day, and we can finally eat and drink at sunset. So, it gets really exciting when we get to eat! Even my little brother fasts and my mom gets really proud of him too.

I really want to know what you’re doing during this quarantine, so feel free to email or send me a letter back! Stay safe and HAPPY it was great writing to you!




Mariam A.



We are thinking of you and sending positivity!



A few days ago, I wanted to bake something, so I found a recipe online on how to make donuts.

Speaking of donuts…

What do u call a pilot’s favourite donut?

A “plane” donut!

(That’s a pretty bad joke, I’m sorry you had to read that)


Anyway, I tried making the donuts, and now I just don’t want to talk about it. The donuts LOOKED like dog food and tasted like … burnt marshmallows.

And I almost set the stove and the house on fire when I was doing it…

I plan on staying away from the kitchen for a little while…






Dear Person Who is Reading This,

Hello! How are you feeling? I know that this year we have been going through tough times, but it’s good to look at the bright side on things.

We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

This is my letter to you, about my stay at home. I don’t want you to feel lonely, so I’m here. My stay at home has been alright.

To say the least, I have been trying to be more productive during my stay. One time I was bored, so I decided to bake a cake, it was going good, until I put the cake in the oven. That’s when everything went downhill. I burnt the cake, I ended up setting the smoke alarm off. But I have learned a valuable lesson on this, and that is, I can’t bake or cook. You learn new things every day, right?

Other than that, I am an artist, so in my free time I like to paint and draw. Although I have four siblings and my room door is always open, so they tend to play with my supplies, but they’re my siblings, I forgive them. Well, maybe.

I have been reading a lot lately, I have a massive collection of books to read from. I have always dreamed of a huge room that is filled with the most incredible books from the ceiling to the stone floor; old, new, I would read them all. I can never find a quiet place to read, since my family and I have to stay under the same roof.

When I’m not in my room alone, me and my family would watch a movie together. I don’t why they would do that, but hey – family. We have no boundaries. My dad’s dad-jokes are getting pretty bad, like they weren’t before. We started to have family game nights – we don’t usually have those. One of the games was that a person would ask a question, and everyone has to answer, to their best ability. Let’s just say that it was very interesting.

I sometimes like to blast music on. We have never had that many noise complaints ever. Besides blasting music, I like to listen to Ink Spots while I’m working. It’s very calming. I like to listen to Ink Spots at night. One of my favorite songs from them is called “We’ll meet again.” This is about how when he leaves, he is sure to meet them again, one day – “I don’t know where, and I don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.” He said to keep smiling through, just like you always do. I like this one because it tells me not everything is over, and goodbyes are not forever. You will meet them again, “some sunny day.”

I’m a sister, the oldest out of four, and as tough as it is, it’s difficult being the oldest because your younger siblings are to look up to you. I carry a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, but I’m fine with that. As long as everyone is happy. If I get to be the protector then I’m happy.

My mother can sometimes go into ‘mama mode.’ One time I fell flat on the floor, I don’t know how I fell, but I’m telling you there must be a ghost in my house. But how is that possible? My mother prays five times a day, and she adds one more: so basically, she prays six times a day. Anyhow when I fell, my siblings, being how they are, just laughed instead, while I felt pain. My mother came out of nowhere with an ice pack. How? you may ask. I don’t know. Ask God – only he will know. She had mixed emotions; I can’t tell if she was angry or concerned for my well-being.

My family are fun to be around with. I like filming memories, so I made this project. This project is about the present, which will be the past in the future. I thought of doing this because I already have a memory box, so I thought why not make videos. When I’m older, I get to look back at this and see how myself and my life used to be like – if anything has changed. It’s sort of like a journey in a way. But I do need to buy a camera first. In order to do that, I have to save up some money, so I’m working on that.

That’s all I have to say. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I wish you good luck. Maybe I’ll write to you on some sunny day. Once again, thank you.







We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

While we were in quarantine, me and my family decided to bake some delicious sweets. Those were cupcakes, cookies, cakes, ice cream and more. At the end of the day, we got ourselves full because we ate so much, but it was yummy.

While we were in quarantine, I was also bored at home; all we did was watch TV and do our homework, and sometimes we have family time where we watch movies together or even play games together. Sometimes I like being at home, and sometimes I like being in school because in school, I miss Recess. I miss playing with my friends. Now that we’re in quarantine we don’t even get to go outside. The only time we get to outside is when we are going shopping or even work and maybe for walking.

What I want tell you next is the poem I wrote back then. I hope you like it. This poem is about human society.


Animals Who Need Help

ME and my dad found a dog 

It was lost out in the fog 

We brushed its hair with a comb

And now it lives in our home.

The humane society

has a variety

Of animals who need care 

It’s not fair

Please love your pets

Don’t give them threats

Treat them with goodness

Love and kindness 

(By Siham)


I hope you like my poem.

The next thing I am going to tell you is a joke.

I found this joke and I thought that it would be funny to tell you.


What did the little corn say to the mama corn?

Where is Pop corn?


And here’s another one:

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A dino-snore!


What did the left eye say to the right eye?

Between us, something smells!


I also hoped you like the jokes. I liked them, because they made me laugh.

Today I won’t be telling a story. Instead, I am going to show you one of my arts.

This is one of my artworks. It was on CTV news! Our class was doing a project with the kindergarten class. We had to draw something that is connected to winter, so I thought that I could do all of the things that are connected to spring. I drew a tree that is connected to all seasons like winter, spring, summer, fall and so we gave our pictures to the CTV news to see who would get picked and surprisingly, I got chosen and I showed my whole family that my artwork was on TV. They were all saying that I was the first person in our family who was mentioned on TV.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and be safe.





Dear Elders,

We are thinking of you all the time, and hoping that you will stay in good health and care.

I am Ebrahem and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I enjoy fitness and play sports. I also like to cook. I know how to cook protein food and I know how to make cake when I am celebrating.

Ramadan is really important month to Muslim people. We fast from when the sun rises till the sunset. It is lucky to live a long life.

Life is good with a grandfather and grandmother and elderly people because they know about life, and it is so fun and lovely to talk with them. We don’t forget you, and we are hoping that you stay happy and in good health and stay peaceful.






Greetings! 🙂

We are thinking of you and sending positivity!

Want to hear a funny thing that happened this week? Well, yesterday while I was cleaning, I got bored, as usual, so I thought to myself that I should style my hair. My hair is really long – it almost comes to my bump, and if I straighten it, it really comes to my bump. I really don’t like it. I told my mom that I want to cut my hair, and she said “No!! You have the prettiest hair among your sisters. And if you cut your hair without telling me (I cut bangs since I was bored), you’re not going to eat Iftar (since I’m fasting, after 8pm we break our fast to eat), and you are going to make your own food by yourself!!” Honestly, I’m not a good cook, but I really wanted to cut my hair short! What I did is that I took a pink jacket that came around my neck and put my hair in a ponytail but the hair tie was in the middle of my hair. I wore the pink jacket and my hair was inside. So, I pulled hair to make it look short. It was so pretty!

Then I showed my siblings and they thought it was real, and I wished it was. My mom was baking some Iraqi bread in the backyard. I went to her and showed her. She thought I was joking, but since she was far away from me, it looked real. My mom started yelling at me, and I was just there laughing. I pulled my whole hair to show her it wasn’t real. Honestly, I’m still doing it because I really liked the look!


Anyways, here’s a poem I wrote in grade 6 that I still like:

The Cat Who Ate The Bat

Once there was a cat,

Who ate a big bat.

Then she became a hero,

But went to size zero.

Then the cat took a x-ray,

But then she prayed. 

Then played with slime,

And it was time.

So, she ate a pie, 

Then she died.


This poem makes me laugh every time I read it!


Here’s some artwork that I had done and some are picture edits that you do on phone/computer. Artwork:


(Editing is such a fun thing to do. Now I’m learning how to make AMV (anime music videos). Even though it’s going to be hard, I’ll still try my best to do it!)

Thank you for reading!! 😀







My name is Shauna-Lee and I wanted to take this opportunity to send some positivity to you!

During these days I hope that you are all trying to stay positive.

While at home, my family and I now have the time to bake and cook in many different ways. It’s fun as I get to connect with my siblings. We’ve made apple turnovers, cinnamon pancakes, and waffles! When we made apple turnovers, my big sister made one EXPLODE when sealing it! After that, I stuffed and sealed the rest. I made them in such a pretty style, my sister was outdone easily.

I’ve learned, during my time at home, the importance of caring for ourselves and others, as well as how much we need each other. We shouldn’t take each other for granted, no matter the times! Because of this, I’ve found myself hanging out with my family much more. I want to show them how grateful I am to have them by my side.

Recently, I got to watch a tv series with my sister! I am very excited to watch the second season with the rest of my siblings.

Finally, for the first time at home I got to make papier mâché! I’m very proud of what I’ve made! Here is a picture of it:


In closing, I wish you all the best and hope I put a smile on your faces.

Here is a riddle; Ghosts can go anywhere but what is the one room they can’t?

The answer is: The living room!






It’s Mariam J. I’ve learned a couple of news things in my house. My mom has taught me how to knit and sew clothes. I’ve been sewing anything in the house lately.

I want to adopt a rabbit again soon if it’s possible. I really miss my rabbit Darla. I think I’ve had her for about 2 years, but my mom took it away and called animal services because it kept pooping on the floor and eating her clothes. My rabbit caused so much stress for me back then, but I really, really loved her and I do so much miss her.

Me and my parents are planning to visit Somalia and our home country Eritrea. We already have a house there. I’m surprised too, because I thought we were going to sleep at my grandparents’ house, but my mom’s friends built a house already and it’s pretty big. I think we are going to stay for about 3 to 4 months, but we have to wait since this COVID-19 is still out, and it wouldn’t be safe.

I hope you are staying safe and positive!



Mariam J.



We are thinking about all of you guys, and we wish you to have the best memories in your life.

Hi, how are you doing? My job is for you to be entertained while reading this.

At home I make a lot of goods like cupcakes, donuts and cookies. I bet you know how to cook.

I don’t have any pets, but I have siblings and they’re all so fun to play with. Something I have learned at home is making donuts and cooking. We have to cook a lot because it’s Ramadan and every night we will make our favorite goods and eat them.

I have a grandma and a great grandpa. My great grandpa is 103 years old and my grandma is 60. My grandma used to live in the desert with nothing but sand and tents. They had no clothes, no water, and they couldn’t even take a shower, the only thing that lighted them up was a story.

The story is about a man who got married to a woman. The woman was staying in his house. One day the man got her food, and the man was living with his mom, so he got the food. Then he gave it to his wife. The wife was so surprised that he never gave his mother food. So, he said, “My mom is old, so anyway she’s going to go to sleep.”

His wife said “I want a divorce,” and the man said, “Why?”

She said, “How could you take care of me and not your mother?”

So, after 50 years, the woman was on a camel, and her children were all taking care of her. She was rich, and she had everything. When she saw a man that had ripped-up clothes, she knew who it was. She said, “I was your wife before.”

The man was so surprised because her children were taking care of her and treating her like a queen. He had children, but they did not take care of him. They didn’t even look at him.

The moral of this story is if you don’t take care of your parents now, then when you get older, your kids won’t take care of you.


My mom and dad told me this story, and the number one rule in our family is never stop taking care of your family. My grandma has 9 kids and all of them live with her even her grandkids. She has 53 grandkids.



Malak A.


We hope you are doing ok and that you’re still able to be positive.

I’ve been making animations and posting them on a website. And I watch funny videos and draw. I also help my mom with cooking sometimes (it usually has something to do with cheese.)

Are there fun things that you do in your spare time?






My name is Prasan, and I am really bored staying at home because of this quarantine. As you know, I can’t go outside and play with friends, so to not get bored I play games with my friends online, and I also play some games with my sisters that include physical activities.

I guess you are also bored too. So, to not get bored, you can also do some activities like play games or call your friends and have a conversation with them.

I hope that you are doing well and have all the things you need. My second older sister has been trying to cook and make weird but good foods, so I am getting to eat yummy foods.

What do you do when you get bored? Do you call your friends and talk with them? Or do you try to make or cook new recipes?

“My doctor told me to get off the couch, so now I watch TV in bed.” I hope this little joke brings a smile to your face, and stay healthy. If you get bored, my sister’s way is to put on loud music and dance as hard as you can and enjoy yourself. You should try to see if that works for you too.





We are thinking about you and sending you positivity.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of baking. I made cake, madlooa (a type of Arab sweet), and I made chicken for my family dinner with my little sister.

I have many pigeons, a rooster, 2 parakeets and a finch, as well as a guinea pig. Funny story: I was sleeping in the car while my older and younger sister went to get a fish for me. They got the fish and a guinea pig cage, guinea pig food, guinea pig toys, and the guinea pig itself. At first, I thought the cage was a fish tank. But, they told me it’s a GUINEA PIG!!! And that’s how it came to be. It’s so soft and cuddly, and chill.

While I have a zoo in my house, I also do homework. I get it done quickly so that I can relax.

Remember, when feeling down, look at the bright side. Be grateful for everything you have, and take care!